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Did you know?

  • CMS reports that in this “baby boomer” time, there are approximately 314,000 Medicare newly enrolled beneficiaries each month.
  • Despite this, New Office Visit activity has declined by about 7.1% over the 2018-2019 period (based on data from RTMD, which now serves healthcare organizations in a Medicare beneficiary area consisting of 48 states and the District of Columbia).
  • Over the same time period, the average time spent with the patient has remained constant. This affects the capacity of a provider to focus on volume and may reflect the utilization of other non-acute providers (i.e., retail clinics).

Why should I care?

  • New Office Visits have always been a critical access point into the U.S. healthcare system and present an opportunity to serve.
  • This encounter offers acute care facilities a strategic value around how we organize our infrastructure in terms of access, quality, and costs.
  • Examining trends in New Office Visits can help raise important questions about how a hospital tailors its existing services:
  • Are New Office Visits becoming more time and resource intensive, resulting in the inability to see more patients?
  • Are patients seeking care in different settings, such as urgent care, extended hour facilities, or retail clinics?
  • Are payment policies for testing, especially those for co-pays, driving patients to alternative settings?
  • Are immunization, lifestyle, and technological advances impacting utilization?

What should I do?

RTMD advises each facility to:

  • Research trends in New Office Visits in your market by volume, type (time spent), content (principal diagnosis), and reimbursement.
  • Review your market for new providers that represent non-traditional physician settings, such as urgent care facilities.
  • Study outmigration and referrals for New Office Visits.
  • Examine your new patient and Medicare patient policies. If volume is down, determine if this is because your physicians are not accepting new Medicare patients.

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