Now covering all 50 states + D.C.!


See your Medicare Fee-For-Service data in RealTime. Our data includes Inpatient Discharges, Outpatient Hospital Services, and CMS 1500 Professional Services. It is full-census, non-modeled, and typically available 90 days post payment.

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Now covering all
50 states + D.C.!

How RTMD Data Can Power Your Best Decisions:

Comparative provider analysis and profiling

Key performance metrics

Comparative data analysis by service line, facility, and physician

Healthcare cost transparency

Population health management

Research and policy development 

Precise market segmentation and planning

Insights into referral patterns

RTMD's Advantages:

  • Current– Typically available 90 days post-paid

  • No modeling, forecasting, or blackbox algorithms

  • Full 5-digit Provider AND Beneficiary zip codes

  • 100% of CMS 1500 Services claims

  • Single source of data

  • Full provider disclosure including competition

  • Full Referring physician disclosure

  • Full Attending physician disclosure

  • 100% of Hospital Outpatient claims

  • 100% of Hospital Inpatient claims

  • No Uploads from Client

  • Charges AND Payment for discharges and procedures

Spotlight on Health

Colorectal Cancer

According to the CDC, of cancers affecting both men and women, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does RTMD data have unique patient identifiers?
Does RTMD data have unique claim identifiers?
What dates of service are available?
What states are available?
What data elements are available?
How do I purchase some or all the RTMD data?
Once I purchase RTMD data, how will I get updates?
I need a partner to help me interpret the data. What services are offered?
Does RTMD data include Medicare Advantage or Medicaid data?
How often is the data updated?
Are clients required to upload any data?
Is RTMD Data the same as MedPar data?

Let us show you how we can help you make more informed decisions with our RealTime Medicare FFS claims data.

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Your zip code is a better predictor of your health than your genetic code.

Melody Goodman, assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis

The White River Health System (WRHS) service area includes a wide geographic area. Some counties are particularly large and referral patterns vary. [Beneficiary] Zip code level data enables analysis at the level that will identify changes in referral patterns that might not be evident at the county level.

Sheila Mace, Public Relations, White River Health System in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Pairing our individual knowledge base with the information from RTMD allows us to dig deeper, learn the root cause of a particular Medicare service line business challenge, and then develop a plan to meet that challenge.

VP of Marketing for a regional medical center in the Southeast

When we look at improving health, we see that many factors that are influencers that are well beyond the reach of the healthcare system. In fact, many people say that your zip code plays more of a role in your health, and healthcare, than any other factor.

Dr. Marc Harrison, President and CEO, Intermountain

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Brian Dailey - Co-founder and CTO, Stratasan

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Martha Crombie - Vice President, Marketing and Planning, Americas Division at Ardent Health Services

Utilizing RTMD's CMS 1500 data allows us to deliver a complete market picture to our clients. It also allows them to see outmigration and understand physician referral patterns.

Iowa Hospital Association