The Story Behind RTMD

Company Profile

Founded in 2002 in Birmingham, Alabama, RealTime Medicare Data’s core mission is to provide comprehensive, non-modeled, timely Medicare claims data that allows hospitals to develop and support strategic business initiatives.

RTMD recognizes that healthcare administrators too often make decisions from incomplete, modeled, or out-of-date data. In order to help remedy this situation, we have established a first-to-market expertise and a working relationship with CMS. We understand data will drive decisions in the future. It’s about value, not volume—accurate and transparent data will fairly position you for the future.

Our data was initially sold to hospitals throughout Alabama, where we attained an approximately 85% share of the major hospitals in the state. Our data coverage gradually expanded to other contiguous states and the nation to ensure that all hospitals, particularly in border areas, could see the full extent of their market.

In addition to hospitals, RTMD is currently working with cardiology groups, pharmaceutical companies, state hospital associations, and other organizations to provide data expertise for all corners of the healthcare field.

Better data. Forward thinking.

Better Data Matters

RTMD offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive nationwide Medicare Fee-for-Service claims data currently available in the market. As the largest privately held Medicare claims database in the United States, we have a unique advantage. Unlike other providers, we not only provide UB04 Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital claims data but also offer CMS 1500 Medicare claims data, which covers professional services and alternative acute-care settings.

At RTMD, we prioritize data integrity and deliver the highest quality of information to our clients. Unlike data obtained from multiple and disparate sources, our data comes from a single reliable source, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. Our data is fully transparent and is not forecasted or hidden behind black box algorithms, allowing you to develop a strategy based on trustworthy and real-time information.

We recognize that different payers rarely have parity. With our data, you can rest assured that the source is pure, and the comparisons you make against other providers in your market are accurate. We understand that healthcare is local, and the market dynamics and underwriting practices vary accordingly. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the origin of the data and how you stack up against other providers in your specific market.

Leveraging our data, your leadership team can find answers to critical strategic business questions. Our data can help you assess the growth potential in different settings, determine the portion of the business you currently hold, and identify opportunities for further growth. You can analyze the data by service line, physician, alternative setting, community (based on 5-digit beneficiary Zip Code), and margin/reimbursement.

Furthermore, our data allows you to compare your organization's efficiency and effectiveness in serving patients to the broader market, state, and national peer groups. By evaluating performance indicators such as service line, physician, alternative setting, community, and margin/reimbursement, you can gain insight into your standing and make informed decisions.

In addition to growth and comparison, our data can also help protect your revenue cycle. You can assess whether your organization meets the necessary scrutiny and requirements to be paid timely, avoiding interruptions in the revenue cycle. By evaluating service lines, physicians, alternative settings, communities (based on 5-digit beneficiary Zip Code), and margin/reimbursement, you can identify areas of improvement and ensure compliance.

In summary, RTMD offers the most comprehensive and current Medicare Fee-for-Service claims data available, covering all 50 states and DC. With our reliable and transparent data, you can gain valuable insights into growth opportunities, compare your organization's performance, and protect your revenue cycle. Make informed strategic decisions based on accurate and localized information, empowering your leadership team to drive success in the healthcare industry.

Let us show you how we can help you make more informed decisions with our RealTime Medicare FFS claims data.

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Our Team

Eugenia (Gina) McWilliams

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and partner, Gina brings over 30 years of healthcare experience to RTMD in the areas of strategic planning, revenue cycle, and compliance. Gina’s responsibilities include developing and implementing the strategic direction of the company, managing the overall resources of the company, and active involvement in operations. Gina works closely with the leadership team in the development of products and services to deliver value to our customers and the healthcare industry through business intelligence.

Gina continues as CEO and partner of Medical Management Plus, Inc., and she has previously worked for The Healthcare Alliance of Alabama, MC Strategies, and Ernst and Young.

Outside of her work, Gina is all things green, volunteering for several environmental groups or spending her time in birding, paddling, or gardening.

Scott B. Hannon

Chief Information Officer

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, Scott provides visionary and pragmatic IT leadership. Working closely with colleagues and the leadership team, Scott formulates IT strategic goals and direction, including budgeting and asset management. Scott oversees and evaluates system security, contingency planning/recovery, and management of information and communications systems and projects including design, implementation, and evaluation of systems that support client programs.

A father of two boys, Scott enjoys woodworking, concrete arts, cooking, and computer gaming.

Daniel Cooper

Director of Quality Assurance

With over 15 years of experience in the IT field, Daniel provides RTMD with methods and tools to evaluate integrity, coordinates the release of data to the customer, and develop policies and procedures in support of these goals. Daniel oversees the entire consumer process, from the loading of the data through the release to the customer.

Father of two boys and a girl, Daniel enjoys hiking, blogging, weightlifting, riding his motorcycle, and video games.

Carol Goguen

Director, Client Services

Carol’s 30 plus years working in the hospital environment, which included extensive use of RTMD’s Medicare claims data, brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand user experience for providing support, education, and training for our clients.

Carol and her husband are the proud parents of two “pound puppies” and a parrot.  She enjoys camping, running, antiquing, and riding her Harley.

Curtis Spraitzar

Director of Research and Analysis

As Director of Research and Analysis at RealTime Medicare Data, LLC, Curtis provides Medicare research of interest to the public that can have a broader impact in healthcare. Curtis also seeks to develop relationships and opportunities with leading academic institutions where RTMD’s vast data resources and Medicare expertise could serve an important educational or research purpose. In addition, Curtis assists with strategic planning for the company, acts as a liaison with outside counsel, helps advance the company’s data visualization and digital marketing efforts, and works collaboratively with all business functions to support operations.

Previously, Curtis has worked for a large physician group and a nationally recognized healthcare foundation. He has also held a number of legal positions (federal judicial law clerk, attorney, Special Assistant General for the State of Alabama).

In his spare time, Curtis enjoys swimming and gardening, and is active in various charitable events.