Average Travel Distance

Inpatient Hospital Discharges

Did You Know?

• Transportation is a vital issue for access to healthcare services.
• Multiple studies cite not only the method (e.g., public transportation, or that provided by the patient or a family member), but also the distance to healthcare services, as factors which affect early access to care or emergency treatment.
• Travel time is also a source of additional physical stress.

Why Should I Care?

• There are opportunities to increase utilization of services by offering methods of transportation (e.g., taxis) or by deploying mobile services and/or telehealth.
• The foundation of Population Health Management is to deliver the right care, at the right time, at the right price, and in the right place.
• The economic burden and stress experienced by patients could be reduced through solutions that justify the cost over the long term.

What Should I Do?

• Review studies such as this to see how travel distance can present a barrier to treatment.
• Review travel distances of your patients, particularly with regard to screening services, acute on-set diseases such as malignancies, and chronic conditions.
• Use RTMD’s data to consider the impact of “clinics,” mobile services, and telehealth solutions to improve access to healthcare services and the overall health of the community you treat.

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